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five miles to the nearest village hoping that perhaps Nelka was .

"There's heavy fighting going on over there," and Ned indicated a .

l-armed and provisioned to lie in wait among the small islands .

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"Rewarded?" she faltered. .

I knew it, but I went on trusting. David said in his haste, `all men .

"It is," agreed Jerry. "But it's the fo .

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"Dry up, Dick. Mamma's been complaining of the noise." .

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field, and runs--into the outstretched arms of Jane, the housemaid. .

that the old miser, as he called Mr. Endymion, was in the cabin, and .

intentions. But repeatedly we need to study results,--and see if we .

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glances and Rento's deeper veneration, which seldom .

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good result. Every deed leaves its indelible impress on the book of .


Each hoss has his appinted place,-- .

the Gammon Theological Seminary, and Haines I .

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