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jist stooped to lift up one o' the little girls, when the feller .

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the purpose so important as .

"And what does your sister find to do?" asked Mr. Vernon. .

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se devotion, love and work for all .

contrast of shape attracts notice. Can it be t .

ut the sweetest slice of all I ever wedged in my head, .


you coul .

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attack birds as large as a meadow-lark. They have a high and very irregular .


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words that were trembling on his l .

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"It's a spy!" some one said. "They've caught a German spy in camp, and .

good-naturedly, Mr. Marks lifted the net beneath the float, and, .

ery well, and he had gone out alone for a ride on .

and near the rivers and forests through which the Uganda Railway runs. .

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