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that it caused God to repent and to be grieved at his heart that he had .

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political--all but Sir Archie. He sat silent and preoccupied, fil .

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ised his cap, and took her hand, and, before she suspected what he .

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the earl, miss! A regular credit to the country that bred him. I've .

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and his son Mark, a young lad of eighteen, were ushered into Mr .

es, he was," agreed Ned. "And you may see him, if you stay around .

One reflection and then we are done. The people of the United States .

Nell sighed and took up the precious paper again. .

rom her peril, and was carried, fainting and bruised, into the house by .

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have jest wrote a verse of poetry in this letter; see ef you .

"Maggie," cried Amy, "do take care of Burt; he's going to faint." .

that strayed on the unenclosed common or grazings outside. .

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